- I have received an email from the Training team that I have been enrolled into a course, how can I access the course?

Once logged in, you are able to access your enrolled courses by clicking on the 'My Courses' tab. 


- I have enrolled into a course but it is not available in 'My Courses'

Please contact the training team training@wires.org.au for further assistance. 


- I have forgotten my username and/or password, what do I need to do? 

You are not able to reset your own password. Please contact training@wires.org.au to have your login credentials resent to you.


- My personal details on my training profile are incorrect, how can this be changed?

Please contact training@wires.org.au to have this information amended. 


- Can I do the course on my mobile?

Yes, you are able to access the course via a laptop, PC, mobile or tablet. Please ensure you are using Mozilla or Google Chrome to access the site.


- How do I use the WIRES training site? 

Once logged in, you can access you course by clicking on the ‘My Courses’ tab. Select the course name and read through the Terms and Conditions that may be found at the top of the course page. You will need to read and accept these in order to proceed.

Once complete, scroll down to access the theory. The theory is organised per module based on a specific topic. A suggested method of progressing through the theory is to complete one module at a time in order to easily track your progress.

After each topic within a module there may be quizzes with answers based on the prior theory. Should you find you need to exit the course in the middle of a module, the site will save your progress automatically. Please note the site will time out if left inactive. 


- How do I know if my progress for a course has saved?

Your progress is saved automatically as you work your way through the course.  


- Can I redo a quiz? 

You will usually have multiple opportunities to attempt a quiz. If you have selected an incorrect answer, the site will ask if you would like to attempt the question again, or move on to the next question.


- How do I know what I have completed/left to complete of a course? 

To track your progress, return to the home page of your course and to the left under the calendar, you can view your progress bar (not available with all courses). When hovered over with your mouse, a green block with a tick indicates the module is complete, a blue block with a red cross indicates the module is still to complete.


- How can I register for a RICC workshop? 

Enrolled RICC participants can self-register for a workshop once the online theory has been completed. Once you are able to access the 'Practical Workshop Registration' section in the course, you can view all of the upcoming workshops by selecting the 'View all sessions' link. You will then see the list of available workshops that you can book into. To enroll, select the 'Sign-up' link to the right of the workshop. You will then be directed to a page where you can see the details of the workshop. You must select the 'Sign-up' button at the bottom of the page to confirm your place in the workshop.

Once registered you will receive a confirmation email for the workshop you have signed up for, and a reminder email 7 days before the workshop. If you are having any trouble booking into a workshop after completing the online component or have not received an email after registering for a workshop please email training@wires.org.au.


- I want to attend a RICC workshop, when do I need to have the theory completed by? 

The online component takes roughly 6-8 hours to complete therefore participants must bear this in mind when intending to enrol into a workshop and allow themselves enough time to complete the online component prior. Workshops will close at 4pm the Friday prior to the workshop e.g if a workshop is scheduled for Sunday 7th October, the workshop registration portal will close at 4pm Friday 5th October. 


- Why do I keep receiving emails about the RICC?

The emails you may receive are automated from the site and are designed to provide guidance and a reminder regarding your enrolment. If you have already completed the RICC, you can download your Certificate of Completion, and the emails should cease. 


- I have completed my course, where can I access my Certificate of Completion?

If your course offers a certificate of completion, scroll to the bottom of the course page and select the ‘Certificate of Completion’ module. For the RICC, the certificate can only be downloaded after you have completed the online component and attended a workshop. 


- My course is due to expire and I am worried I cannot complete the course within the enrolment date.

Participants who are enrolled into courses that have a set enrolment period will be advised of this at the time of registration via email. If you are not notified of this at the time of enrolment, the course will not have an enrolment period. If you find you are not able to complete the course within the enrolment period please contact training@wires.org.au to discuss potential temporary extensions available at a set fee. 


- How can I contact someone for specific help with a course? 

If your query has not been answered by the above information, please email training@wires.org.au or call 02 8977 3392. If you have messaged via email we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. 

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